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" We wish to combine beautiful designs and crafts with high-quality jewelry, made by us, and thereby help you express yourself"

We are three women Freja, Iza, and Lisa behind the brand Blaalig. We met during our education in Jewelry, Technology & Business at Copenhagen's School of Design and Technology. There we started working together and Blaalig was slowly created. 


Designing and crafting jewelry is our biggest passion and Blaalig makes it possible for us to combine our strengths within design, craft, technology, and business. 

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The Blaalig universe comes from the inspiration of the melting of the glaciers and sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. With this icy and blue universe as our inspiration source, the name of our brand “Blaalig” came to us. Blaalig is a Danish word for “blue-ish” and creates the frame around our icy water universe. 

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Growing up, all three of us loved playing with colors and being creative. This passion continued into adulthood, and designing and using our hands has become a great source of joy for us all. Crafting jewelry is something we particularly enjoy, as it allows us to create designs that are full of sentiment for others. 


We love the idea of creating something that can help people express themselves and be passed down through generations. Telling stories through jewelry is both exciting and memorable and our goal is to create long-lasting jewelry that raises awareness of climate change.

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