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"Being as green as possible, not going down on quality, and making our designs come alive, are our main focuses when we produce Blaalig jewelry"

Behind every Blaalig jewelry, there is a unique design process. As all pieces are handmade by us, minor differences may occur in the jewelry.


We focus on the environment, intending to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we have both our design process and our production in Copenhagen. This is important to us as it ensures high quality, keeps our production local, and reduces transport and CO2 emissions. 

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We want our jewelry to last you a lifetime. We won't support the production of products that aren't long-lasting and damaging to the enviroment. For example, we do not use gold plated silver, as the process of gold-plating poses an environmental threat as several chemicals are used and the disposal of these chemicals threatens many ecosystems. This is why our jewelry is made entirely of sterling silver - made to be long-lasting and more eco-friendly. 


The Arctic and Antarctic are the world’s refrigerators. The ice in these areas acts as a protective cover over the earth and its oceans. The white ice spots reflect excess heat into space and keep the planet cooler.


Ever since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Human activities are the main reason for this. The melting of glaciers and sea ice creates different problems. In particular it causes the sea levels to rise, which wipes out essential environments for many species. This vital situation is the underlying inspiration for Blaalig and through our designs, we hope to make people more aware of this problem and climate change in general.

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